Habibiz Tokenomics

Prologue -

The Habibiz are a collection of 4900 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Inside the Habibiz ecosystem, there exists a localized token, $Oil. Each Habibi generates 1000 $Oil per day, with massive bonuses for those who hold multiple Habibiz.

1 $Oil = 1 $Oil

Base figures -

Each Habibi will generate 1000 $Oil per day. Large holders are rewarded with a bonus % yield for holding multiple.

The full daily rewards can be found below:

1 Habibi yields 1000 $Oil a day and receives no bonuses.

5 Habibiz yield 5750 $Oil a day and receive a 15% yielding bonus.

10 Habibiz yield 12,500 $Oil a day and receive a 25% yielding bonus.

20 Habibiz yield 27,000 $Oil a day and receive a 35% yielding bonus.

Animated Habibiz yield 5000 $Oil a day and receive a 500% yielding bonus.

You can view the full table below -

Full image

Clashes -

Using this tokenomics model, there are clashes that occur when applying the bonuses to your Habibiz.

One example of such a clash is the following:

If I have 5 Habibiz, and 1 is animated, how does the 15% bonus work?

The animated Habibiz will have their yielding bonuses calculated separately from the bonus you receive for holding 5. This means you receive the 5750 for holding the 5 Habibiz, and then receive an extra 5000 on top for your animated Habibi.

Voxel Model-

As a reward for holding a Habibi, you will also be given the ability to purchase a Voxel model with your $Oil token. We wanted to aim for 2months in order for you to generate enough $Oil for the Voxel model.

This calculated out to a number of 60,000 $Oil, which will be collected after 30 days of holding a Habibi. Only with 60,000 $Oil will you be able to claim your free VX model.


We have set up Whale only channels in our Discord, to allow us to find out what the big names in our community want from the project. After much deliberation and decision we have decided to launch a lottery for all Habibiz holders.

This lottery is going to offer huge rewards, which could be anything from $Oil to a Doodles NFT.

Every yielding project has a big issue, in that they must find out how they can reduce the supply of their token. If the supply is ever-expanding, you must find ways to burn the token in order to have a healthy economy.

This is what our community felt the lottery would do. By allowing people to buy lottery tickets with $Oil, you can have a chance to win some amazing prizes.

In order to ensure fairness in the lottery, we will be capping the lottery tickets at 10 per wallet, this allows a fair chance for even those who only own 1 Habibi.

In order to enter, you must get together 20,000 $Oil, which you can earn through yielding, or buy through the market. When you purchase a lottery ticket, your $Oil will be burned. Which will decrease the $Oil supply and make the token more valuable!

More details to be released soon regarding lottery prizes, but stack up your $Oil Habibiz, as you will need it in the future!


I have mocked up some charts to visualize the wealth disparity of the $Oil token.

(Assuming everyone mints as many VX models as they can with their $Oil)

Pre VX model mint supply analysis
Post VX model mint supply analysis

Due to the Animated Habibi only needing to mint 1 VX model (as opposed to holders of 20 needing to mint 20 models), it retains much more $Oil than the normal Habibiz.

Holders with 20 Habibiz or animated Habibiz will be heavily rewarded, with a high $Oil supply, having community members with high levels of $Oil is extremely important for the longevity of the project, as there is only so much the project can do to support its token, a large amount of support must come from the community whales.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this gives you a better insight into the tokenomics of $Oil. We are already bringing you guys huge utility through our VX models and lottery mechanics, and just know there is much more in the works to reward Habibiz holders.

Good luck in the lottery!





Currency and Crypto Analyst. Freelance contributor. Currently contributing to DystoApez & DexPools

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Currency and Crypto Analyst. Freelance contributor. Currently contributing to DystoApez & DexPools

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